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I'm working on how to get the "User Info" section to say "Instructions" but I haven't figured it out yet...give me time!

Until then, here are the basic instructions:

We have created this account as an exercise in creativity.

The object:

To write a poem based on the two words posted each day.

As many people as possible should submit poems.

Since we don't want what others have written to affect what you write, we have set it up so that you can look at the poems separately (in the comments section), or submit your own.

Eventually we may change this, as we add users.

We do ask the following:

1. Please write a poem from the last two words posted.

2. After you have done that, post up two words for the next person, in the following format:

Word 1
Word 2

[to do that use the H1 and CENTER HTML codes, for help see here]

3. Then you can post as many poems as you want to the other words. However, we reserve the right to delete the poems of people who have not followed these simple rules.

4. Please be spontaneous, write a poem quickly, the idea is to get your creativity going. Puns are fine, stretching words is fine, whatever it takes to be creative.
An Example:

"Ummm," I heard Urin state
"I'm hungry."
So, while I watched, Urin ate.

[one of my worst poems ever, but I was given that word because my sister knew it was a word I never used]

5. Please do take the time to check your spelling and grammar. If you purposefully misspell words (to create a rhyme, for example), please put those words in italics [use the I HTML code].

6. While we do not believe in censorship, we do ask that you keep in mind that anyone could read your poem. [We are more concerned with abuse, than with language, etc.]

7. The poems will not always be good, but when they are, they are often great. Feel free to comment on the great poems of others. If enough people love a poem, we may post it on the main page (a week or so later). We do request you do not comment on the terrible poems of others, sometimes the words just don't come!

Some helpful links:


Cool Idea

Print out a page of just the words and take it with you to coffee with some friends. Challenge everyone to write a quick poem from some of the pairs. You can also assign words to each other. Or do both!

Artwork copyright Christopher Alan Baker
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